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Welcome to Class Radio - Teaching Radio Skills in Schools, Colleges & Universities...

Radio. It's something that the vast majority of us have grown up with. It's always there and often provides a lifeline to individuals and communities alike. Is radio important? You bet it is...

That's why Class Radio is passionate about nurturing the next generation of radio broadcasters, producers, journalists and program managers.

Just how is that done? With the two things that form arguably the most crucial attributes of any broadcaster... Experience and communication.

Who needs 'radio skills'? Everyone. Seriously! Obviously the student that wants to venture into broadcast media will find the skills invaluable, but in truth many young people benefit from these skills because they are skills that most of use in our everyday lives.

An in-house radio station is truly an asset to any educational facility and right here is where you can obtain the knowledge and training to make it a success. Radio is part of the media... and media these days, is big news.   WATCH OUR INTRODUCTORY VIDEO

What can we teach?
Speech Radio
Music Radio
Interviewing Techniques
Live Callers
Voice Utilisation
Microphone Technique
Forward Timing  / Back Timing

Cue/Script Writing
Choosing Content
Music Scheduling
Feature & Quiz Creation

Audio Production
Trails & Promos
Post Production

Design & Construction
Play-out Software
Desk Operation
Processing & Transmission

Radio Journalist Role
News Gathering
Legal Responsibilities

Commercial Scripts
Commercial Production
Traffic Scheduling

Choosing Talent
Managing Talent
Operation Budgeting
Music Policy
Content Policy
Promise Of Performance Delivery
Audience Research/Decoding RAJAR

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Who can we teach?
Pupils, students, grads... anyone with a degree of interest or passion for the medium - and those who have not yet discovered the thrill of radio broadcasting

Not everyone will turn out to be the next Wogan, but being in-front of the mic is only a part of radio. There is much to be done on the other side of it!

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Where can we teach?
In an ideal world your educational establishment will have a radio studio all set up and ready to go. In reality that may be some time away.

Much of what happens in radio takes place well before a broadcaster sits in 'the big chair' however. With this in mind we can provide a lot of training without a studio.

Should you be thinking about the investment of a radio facility we are able to fully assist in the design, purchase and configuration of any equipment. We can also arrange visits to existing stations and the all important 'out & about' field work.

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